American History I Comprehensive Essay

This is a minimum 500 word essay in which you will answer the following question below.  You may submit your answer directly in the space provided in the assignment or attach a WORD document.  I have included the various aspects that needed to addressed in some way in the essay.  This essay MUST be 100% original…no copy/paste! You may quote something from the book or any other source, but you must cite the passage as well.  The question is as follows:

Discuss the evolving institution of African slavery from its origins, the resistance and abolitionist efforts through the start of the Civil War.

What you need to be sure to address as part of your answer:

Where and why slavery began in the colonies (who brought it here and why)?
Why did the slave trade grow so rapidly in the colonies (tobacco and Native American issue)?
Why did the South more than the North grow more and more dependent on slavery?
Who were the first abolitionists and why?
Why did the American Revolution bring the institution of slavery to the national stage?
Who were some of the key figures that kept the issue of slavery on the national stage (abolitionists and Southerners that fought to keep slavery)?
What events began to happen once the United States was established that led to the growing divide among the states (North and South) in regard to slavery?


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