Corporate Leadership in Kuwait

We have covered in class the topic Corporate leadership and discussed various examples of how companies contribute to their socieites.Please share one example of corporate leadership and community services from your surroundings, i.e. companies in Kuwait that practice community leadership, or your own participation as volunteers.Watch the deadline and cut-off Read more…

Business Strategy

1.In the book What I Didnt Learn in Business School, a team of consultants is studying what HGS, a maker of chemicals for the oil & gas and packaging industries, should do with a new technology code-named Plastiwear. Based on what you have read so far, do you have an Read more…

coil gun

bascially write out a script for me according to material I have offered,  forcus and try to tie in exactly how the procedure would get us to the hypothesis. only for the part of hypothesis and Procedure. also thinking about a question for audience