Bias by Bernard Goldberg

The assignment is to write a response paper to the book, Bias, by Bernard Goldberg.The premise is simple: what did this book teach you about journalism? From thatjumping-off point, there are lots of possibilities for development, depending on your reaction to the incidents and situations described in the text.


No citation. Just takes notes on chapter 1 through 7 of this book (PAGE 1 -81). Does not have to be formal at all. Use bulletpoints. Write down main ideas and characters of each chapter. Read: 1688: A Global History by John E. WillsONLY CHAPTER 1 through 7 (PAGE 1 Read more…

Ad campaign

please carefully read the pdf to understand how to write a good ad. Follow the instruction!Advertising Copy/CampaignThis assignment has three parts:1)    A single-page print advertisement 2)    A narrative script for a 15- to 30-second radio spot The Print Advertisement Create the text for a single-page print ad.  This should contain Read more…