finance 3

  Write about a major economists view on modern portfolio theory. The individual can be a proponent or skeptic. The successful submission will clearly and concisely explain the viewpoint held. one page, APA format due in 15 hours

Week 3 Assignment 1

  Submit an Executive Summary  that spans the entire range of topics within your MBA program and that  integrates prior learning, experiences, and insights gained throughout  the MBA program, with personal and professional development goals by  addressing the following questions: Page One: The MBA and Your Goals and Contributions to Read more…

Ethics #2

For this discussion, respond to the following… How would you describe your level of moral maturity using Kohlbergs stages? No word minimum but  you need to have enough to show that you understand the content and describe all the stages. *See attached Textbook*

Wk 4 – Apply: Project Plan

   Assignment Content    Resource: A project plan is based on research and organizational goals.  Use the provided template to create a project plan that outlines the operational steps needed to meet each project objective determined in Wk 3 Apply: Project Metrics.   Use the textbook and other available resources to fill in the appropriate content.   Summarize the justification Read more…


  Some believe that embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be a competitive advantage; others believe that doing so is inconsistent with the role of business and wastes important business resources. What do you think and why? Research and cite sources that support your position.