hi:) again. I love your work, always appreciate it.
Bascially this time you need to answer the 4 questions below.
Please answer each question in the box in the next window.
Minimum word count: 120 words | Maximum word count: 150 words (Each answer)
And I added some lecture files, so it might be helpful.

Q1. Evaluate yourself in terms of cognitive moral development, locus of control, ethical decisionmaking style, moral disengagement, and Machiavellianism. What does this evaluation tell you about your own ethical decision making? Do the same for someone you know well.

Q2. Who should make the decision about taking risks with others lives in designing products?

Q3. Should a person be permitted to place a value on a human life? Should a company? Should the government? If not, how would decisions be made about whether to market certain products (that might be risky for some, but helpful for others), how much those who have lost family members in disasters should be compensated, and so on?

Q4. Given that all automobiles are unsafe to some degree, where do you draw the line on product safety? How safe is safe enoughand who decides?


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