Who am I?  paper;  Write a brief paper

            Give a chronological summary of your experiences, which have allowed you to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in business.  You can include knowledge gained through travel, individual study, community activities, organizational participation, workshops, training programs, and of course your work experience.

  Your paper should address the following competencies identified by the SCANS report:


        The know-how identified by SCANS is made up of five competencies and a three-part foundation of skills and personal qualities that are needed for solid job performance.  These include:

        COMPETENCIES effective workers can productively use:

Resources allocating time, money, materials, space and staff.
Interpersonal Skills working on teams, teaching others, serving customers, leading, negotiating and working well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Information acquiring and evaluating data, organizing and maintaining files, interpreting and communicating, and using computers to process information.
Systems understanding social, organizational, and technological systems; monitoring and correcting performance; and designing or improving systems.
Technology selecting equipment and tools, applying technology to specific tasks and maintaining and troubleshooting technologies.
The  FOUNDATION competence require

  Basic Skills reading, writing, arithmetic and mathematics, speaking and listening.
  Thinking Skills thinking creatively, making decisions, solving problems, seeing things in the minds eye, knowing how to learn and reasoning.
Personal Qualities individual responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management and integrity.
  Your paper needs to address these five competency areas, and indicate your personal rating on each area.
You must also discuss any deficiencies you may have in the competencies or basic skills area. 
Your paper should include your action plan on how you intend to remove these deficiencies.
Include a clear statement of your educational goals, both short and long term, and the importance of the course work as a tool to meeting these goals.

Few facts about me to help write the paper: I grew up in with parents not always around lived in the city around violence, gangs, drugs and not so good role models and I choose a different path. I am 27 with a daughter and have been going to school on and off since 2012 and now in my final year after switching majors several times i realized I wanted to pursue a business major and human resource management. I work as a leasing coordinator and interning for property management I want to be my own boss and hope have my own rental property.


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