The only source that can be used is Augustine “Political Writings”
Critically Assess Augustines concept of Free Will explain how it informs his vision of Justice in the City of God and the City of Man and identify an important consequence for Christian political thought. As per the syllabus, primary text to be used only; secondary sources strictly forbidden. The essay must follow the following structure and organization:

THESIS: A clear sentence that states the main argument of your paper that includes the central reason.  Use the word “because.”

ARGUMENT #1: Analyze and Critique Augustines theory of the Freedom of the Will as a foundational principle in Christian political thought and identify a clear outcome for Justice in:

ARGUMENT #2: how it constructs justice for the City of Man

ARGUMENT #3: how it constructs justice for the City of God.

COUNTER-ARGUMENT: Find the opposite idea of the thesis. What is missing/hiding? State the truth in the opposition.

COUNTER the COUNTER: Synthesize the ideas and demonstrate how your argument is superior.

CONCLUSION: Bring it home!

Your paper should be 4-6 pages (double-spaced, standard font & margins). You should employ an in-text citation style. No secondary sources are permitted.


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