3. Team Project: The class will be separated into teams of about 4 students. On the first few weeks of the semester, you will be automatically assigned to a random group based on your last name or student ID number, meaning that you cannot create your own group. Since you will work on several team projects throughout your career, this component of the class is a low-risk way to gain exposure to teamwork, scheduling, time management, delegation, leadership, and interdependent work sharing, as well as professionally dealing with personal conflicts with colleagues that you may not have interacted or even met in person.
For the team project, you can create an imaginary company that has been operating locally for some time and take that company to a foreign country. More specifically, you and your team members will act as top management team members and justify why you choose the country that you choose based on the class content. Alternatively, you can also decide to choose an existing MNC and after analyzing its global strategy, you can decide on which new country the MNC should expand and explain why by relying on concepts learnt in the class. To submit this assignment, your group will turn in a Word document. Although I do not have a set expectation for the length of this document, most groups in the past years turned in a Word document that was between 10-15 pages (double-space).
The primary determinant of your group project grade will be your intellectual ability to apply topics covered throughout the semester to the firm that you choose. For instance, all else equal, a team project that applies more topics covered throughout the semester to the context of your firm will receive a higher grade than another one that only applies a few topics. All claims must be supported with evidence, which can come from academic sources such as your textbook and/or credible popular press accounts. Also, your writing quality will affect your grade. Typos (e.g., affect vs. effect in the previous sentence), grammatically incorrect sentences, unprofessional language, etc. will lower your grade. Students who do not have a group and/or who do not contribute to the team project will get a zero.


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