Write a report that assesses how the Eurozone countries have so far been affected by the
coronavirus crisis.

The report should include the following sections:
Section 1. Eurozone macroeconomic situation

Include charts with the following indicators
during 2010-2020:
– Total Real GDP
– Real GDP growth rate
– Inflation rate
– Unemployment rate
– Trade Balance (Exports – Imports)

Section 2. Effect of the covid crisis on the Eurozone economy – Analyzing the previous indicators, explain how the crisis has affected the Eurozone economies.

Section 3. Eurozone macroeconomic policies – In the Eurozone, which institution oversees monetary policy, and which one controls fiscal policy? Then provide information on both
fiscal and monetary policies that are being (or are planned to be) implemented by Eurozone officials as a response to the coronavirus crisis to prevent a fall in the aggregate

Section 4. Conclusions – Is the Eurozone well prepared to offset the negative impact of the covid crisis?

Assignment outcomes:
Understand the forces determining macroeconomic variables such as national output, inflation, unemployment, and interest rates.
Apply macroeconomic terminology and assess macroeconomic policy suggestions.
Evaluate real life situations with a practical application of the acquired tools and knowledge.

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