1.Find your residence onthe FEMA Flood Map Service, and determine the flood hazards at that location.2.Evaluate  the  map  features  using the  legend provided by  FEMA  (a  sample  is  included  in this document).3.Describe the risk factors at your residence. 4.Discuss the likely sources of flooding in the area (e.g., which streams or rivers are nearby). You may need to zoom out a bit to see the nearest streams. 5.Explain how humans could influence flooding at this particular site. 6.Postulate whether there are potential remediation projects that could reduce the risk of flooding in this area.7.Youressay, which answers Questions 3-6 (above), should be between200 and 300words.8.The essay should follow either the MLA Handbook or the American Psychological Association(APA) writing style.9.Submit the assignment materials to your instructor.

Zip code for Fema serch is 78201 https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home


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