Class Project Term Paper

Each student will have a project from a chapter in the textbook.  A Chapter will be assigned to each student.  You will examine your chapter’s different aspects and perspectives.  You are expected to create a quality, comprehensive summary paper.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

The written paper should be typed, double-spaced, with a one-inch margin, and not less than 10 pages in length, excluding cover, executive summary, exhibits, and graphs, and no more than 12 pages.  The recommended font size is Times New Roman 12.  The Final paper’s due date is Monday, April 30th.  The final paper has to be submitted through SafeAssign on the blackboard.
The important rule NO LESS THAN 10 NO MORE THAN 12.

One Chapter cannot be picked by more than two students.  It will be a first come first serve basis. 

Guidelines for Course Assignments and Projects:
All work must be original and performed by the student.  Note that cutting and pasting directly from web pages is considered to be plagiarism.  YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR OWN WORLDS.  Likewise, collusion on individual assignments will not be tolerated.

In addition to the completion of the requirements for each assignment, written work is graded on the basis of appearance, organization, writing style (clarity, spelling, and grammar), comprehensiveness, justification or support of ideas, and creativity. 

You will get a 20% penalty for ANY late assignments.  40% if it is more than one week late.  60% if it is more than two weeks late.

All work must be typed and double spaced, with margins of no more than one inch on all sides. Check your word processing software to ensure that it produces a document that adheres to these guidelines


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