In culmination of the Ongoing Employee Relations Project, you will conduct a comparative analysis of the Employee Relation elements that you gathered for Part 1- ER Research paper & Part 2  ER Interview paper into a video slide presentation.  Please copy and paste the information from your papers into the slides ( use bullet points)  to compose the information into a slide presentation.  Your slide presentation should include a title page,  the abstract, an introduction,  a short profile on each company,  the comparison slides of the 10 elements on the two companies (use bullet points), recommendations for “Best Practice” improvements on each element, and the  conclusion (discuss which organization has a better employee relations program;  also discuss the benefits of implementing an effective employee relations program); also include  the Reference page. Include your resources with corresponding in-text citations on the slides as required, as well as personal communication info on the interview notes.  Use APA 7th ed. formatting and documentation style.  See example presentation below:

The presentation should be a recorded video that shows your slides and voice. It is also recommended that you show your face in the video. This video presentation may be created using any software you choose (e.g., VidGrid available in your Canvas shell or Sceencastomatic). If you choose to use a presentation platform (i.e. PowerPoint) as opposed to video format, it is required that you also include a narrative component (i.e., audio or video) to your submission.

Your presentation will be graded on the content included as well as the images, layout, and visual elements. Your presentation should be clear and easy to see and hear. It should be visually dynamic and engaging, flow logically and include pertinent details.  It should also be neat, professional, and follow best practices guidelines for slide design.

Submit your presentation (or a link to it) to the assignment link.  Use the Employee Relations Presentation Rubric (below) to ensure that you meet all of the requirements. This assignment is worth 70 points.


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