Aviation Legal Paper

Purpose: Hardly any aspect of aviation is unaffected by laws and regulations.  While written laws and aviation regulations may seem cut and dry, each aviation legal scenario is unique in its own right.

Assignment: Armed with your new knowledge in aviation law, select an FAA enforcement case from the

Briefly describe the situation and suspected legal or regulatory infraction(s).
Describe key legal contentions or points of disagreement in the case. Describe any mitigating circumstances of the case, if applicable.
Assume the role of an aviation attorney for the accused. What legal advice would you provide? What statutory or regulatory arguments would you make, based on the Five Main Types of Legal Arguments:


Assess your clients vulnerability to enforcement action or civil penalty. What are the potential impacts if your client loses the case?
Discuss any unaddressed liability the client may incur as a result of potential civil (tort) suits.

Length: 3-5 pages, double-spaced (Does not include cover page and reference page).
1 margins, 12-point Arial font
APA format for sources
Use a cover page with name, course code & subject, and school.


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