In a five-paragraph essay, explain how Louise Glcks poem, A Myth of Devotion, demonstrates three of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ Five Stages of Grief.

Include quotes from the poem A Myth of Devotion to support your claim.  In addition, you must include one or more quotes from the secondary source Dying Out of Darkness as further support for your claim. 

Your thesis will look like this:

Louise Glcks A Myth of Devotion shows denial by X, bargaining by Y, and acceptance by Z. You are to supply replacement words for X,Y, And Z.

You must provide clear and correct MLA in-text citation throughout your essay; however, you are not required to provide a Works Cited page. 

Finally, you are NOT permitted to use any outside sources beyond those provided to you.  Do NOT search the Internet for ideas from outside sources.
Using extra outside sources will be considered plagiarism for this essay. 


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