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What are the key CSR/ethics issues in your industry? Each stakeholder should identify the top 2-3 issues from their perspective.

Here is an example:
The coffee team met 3 times to try to identify the key issues in our industry. We all agreed on the following:

1.Climate change the coffee industry is vulnerable to changing climate conditionsand has suffered serious damage from major hurricanes, droughts … We didnt all agree on the causes or solutions to climate change, we all agreed that it is happening and it hurts our industry.
2.Wages and working conditions we all recognize that this is a key cost element in the coffee industry, for growers, processors, and retailers. We did not agree on what the real issues are within this subject processors and retailers felt that market conditions can and should define what is acceptable; workers and labor advocates thought there should be improvements for workers at all levels; consumer advocates focused on improved transparency and inspections so consumers could be confident that they know what they are buying and could make informed choices.
3.Packaging and labeling requirements coffee growers feel frustrated that different countries and even different states in the US have different requirements for labeling, and the use of terms like organic or natural or fairly traded. If these requirements were standardized, it could save a lot of money for producers and sellers and reduce confusion for buyers.


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