Overview: For this assignment, you will create two different types of hand-made puppets and design an activity for children that uses your puppets. You will then describe or demonstrate your puppets and activity in a video. Have fun and aspire to model confidence and risk taking by being adventuresome yourself! Instructions: 1. Create Your Puppet Characters Create two different types of puppets using materials such as fabric and trim; glue stick; an assortment of buttons, sequins, and beads; paper (or plastic) plates or cups; pipe cleaners; scraps of colored paper; scissors; clothespins; paper bags; and paper tubes from toilet tissue and/ or paper towels or anything! As you create your puppets or after they are finished, decide on each puppets name, personality traits and emotions. 2. Design a puppet activity for children Create a situation that would engage children by coming up with a problem that your puppets need help solving. To demonstrate this, pretend that the puppets are talking to real children about their problem and asking for their help. For instance, you might have your puppets upset and frustrated because they trip on their shoelaces. You could show them talking to each other and acting frustrated. Maybe one puppet is ready to give up and the other puppet is resourceful and asks the children if they ever have that problem and if so, how they solved it. 3. Document your puppets and puppet activity Record a 5-10 minute video about your puppets and puppet activity in which you describe and demonstrate the following: Describe how you made your puppets. Demonstrate the activity that you designed to show the puppets personalities and emotions by having the puppets ask the imaginary children for help in solving a problem. CHS201 Creative Activity Unit 6 Assignment: Creative Puppet Making and ActivitiesRequirements Submit a YouTube video of 5-10 minutes. If needed, refer to the CHS201 YouTube Video Submission Instructions to learn how to upload your video and get a link to submit. (Just send me the video and I will upload it to youtube myself)


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