THESIS: A clear sentence that states the main argument of your paper that includes the central reason.  Use the word “because.”

ARGUMENT #1: Analysze and Critique Augustines theory of the Freedom of the Will as a foundational principle in Christian political thought and identify a clear outcome for Justice in:

ARGUMENT #2: how it constructs justice for the City of Man

ARGUMENT #3: how it constructs justice for the City of God.

COUNTER-ARGUMENT: Find the opposite idea of the thesis. What is missing/hiding? State the truth in the opposition.

COUNTER the COUNTER: Synthesize the ideas and demonstrate how your argument is superior.

CONCLUSION: Bring it home!

Your paper should be 4-6 pages (double-spaced, standard font & margins). You should employ an in-text citation style. No secondary sources are permitted.

must only use Augustine Political Writings book as sole source. NO secondary sources.


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