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Title of Article: Obama Renews Vow to Fight for Working Class

Author: Jason Seher

Date Written: February 1, 2014

News Source and URL: CNN. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2014/02/01/obama-renews-vow-to-fight-for-working-class/

Summary of Article: Dated February 1st, 2014, this piece was written a week after President Barack Obama signed executive orders that would, as he claims, focus on increasing the strength of the middle class. In this article, Barack Obama offers a condensed version of his State of the Union Address, and describes his intent to improve the economy as well as the quality of life held by Americans by touching on the four major parts of his agenda: “spurring job creation, training more Americans for skilled jobs, enhancing access to education, and helping make sure Americans save enough money to comfortably retire.” The President claims it is his mission to reverse the unemployment rate, as the gap between America’s wealthiest and poorest steadily grows. In stating “wherever I can take a step to expand opportunity for more families on my own, I will,” Obama is describing his role as Chief Executive and his ability to bypass Congress regarding the creation and passage of new rules and regulations. The article’s author, however, notes that President Obama has not relied on his executive authority in the past, and has shown great reluctance in the issuance of executive orders.

How Related to Course Material (include page number and chapter):
This article describes the material found in Chapter 7 of the text, titled: The Presidency. In issuing his State of the Union Address (pages 186-187), Obama is exercising his role as Chief Legislator. As we read from the text found on page 187, we find that The State of the Union Address is an annual speech delivered to Congress by the President of the United States. This speech serves to elaborate on the current status of the nation as well as offer the President an opportunity to propose suggestions for new legislation. The author emphasizes Obama’s ability to exercise his role as Chief Executive, as well as the president’s reluctance to issue executive orders. As we read from page 190 (chapter 7), executive orders are rules or regulations issued by the Chief Executive (the President, himself), which do not require the consent of Congress, yet still maintain the full force of the law. Also from page 190, it is written that executive orders are not at all uncommon; in fact, over 13,000 have been issued by presidents since the beginning of the 21st century. However, we go on to read that presidents are often hesitant regarding the issuance of executive orders, as the controversial act could generate a negative response from Congress as well as the general public. The national unemployment rate is also touched on within this article; chapter 15 of the text (pages 427-428) states that the unemployment rate measures the number of people unemployed and actively looking for work within the U.S. labor market. The unemployment rate is an ongoing issue within America, and, according to page 428, the rate of unemployed citizens was at a whopping 10% during 2009.