The paper will be a five/1250 or six-page/1500 word (not including your cover page and bibliography) critical response to your selected history book and David McCulloughs Truman and the primary sources in David Shi and Holly Mayers For the Record: Vol II.  The style used by most historians, and the one you will use for your paper, is Chicago, which is very similar to MLA.  Font style should be New Time Roman and the size should be 12.  Spacing should be double.  Margins must be standard.  Attach a cover sheet (following the format as shown in the sample paper) and a bibliography. When mentioning specifics note their page location with either a paraphrase or direct citation.you must use both paraphrase citation and direct quotes for each answer.  Paraphrase example: The main idea according to McCullough is that…. (46)  When quoting McCullough directly do this as follows, For the true meaning of the Revolution, neither side completely triumphed. (McCullough, 15) 

Answer all these questions according to McCulloughs Truman, or For the Record primary sources.  Be specificgive precise examples to explain your point.  When relating a thought/quote be sure to carefully identify the source (full name and title). Your paper will be divided into the sections listed below. Number each response (but, dont write out the questions) to each question.  Each question should be followed by several paragraphs, with paraphrase and direct citation. 

Cover Page 
1.  Based on McCulloughs Truman A). describe how American culture/family/education shaped the young Harry Truman in positive and negative waysprovide specific examples of both.  B). Then discuss Trumans agency in utilizing or reevaluating these learned values/judgments as he matured and became a national leader.
2.  Based on For the Record chose two primary sourcesone that illustrates humanity at its best, and another that illustrates humanity as its worst.  What conclusions/lessons can you draw based on these two very different expressions of humanity?
3.  Based on the Cicero quote To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child provide a specific example of how your personal awareness has been expanded or changed from something you have encountered in McCulloughs Truman, and in  For the Record. 
4.  Interview a grandparent or parent and using Historical Causation, or, Historical Periodization, or, Historical Comparison, or, Historical Contextualization construct on the narrative that relates a major causal factor in your family members lifeand explain how this has influenced their lifeand impacted your family down to your life.  Be specific.  Cite this as an oral interview.


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