Digital Persuasive Speech

Titles(Pick either): Digital media is a threat to society or Digital media is perfecting society.

Examples of subjects to research:
Citizen journalism.
Protests and campaigns for change on social media.
Conspiracy theories online.
Democracy and digital media.
Surveillance and privacy.
Cancel Culture.
Impacts of social media on self-esteem, mental health or socialization.
Digital media and the GlobalVillage.
Entrepreneurship using Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok.
The impact of collaborative sites on business (e.g. public reviews).
Impact of big business using digital media, e.g.Amazon, Google, Facebook.

Present for 9minutes total.
Clearly apply techniques described in the Methods of Persuasion article(relating to Logos, Pathos, and Ethos).
Include visuals (e.g. PowerPoint) with a clips up to 2-4 mins (within your overall time).
Identify your sources throughout (naming publications or website you have found your information and examples, e.g.the textbook, articles on Canvas, as well as other textbooks, newspaper articles, websites, or videos, etc.)

Essential Reading:
Stephen Lucas, Methods of Persuasion.Suggested reading:
Work and Economy.From Collaboration to Value.
Cultures and Identities.
Dhiraj Murthy, Twitter and Journalism.
Andrea Kendell-Taylor, Erica Frantz, and Joseph Wright, The Digital Dictators: How Technology Strengthens Autocracy.
Linda Kinstler, How TripAdvisor Changed Travel.
Kalhan Rosenblatt, “Cringe and Cash: A Day in the Life of Two of TikTok’s Rising Stars”.

Guide to Grading:90-100
Addresses suggested topics in an informed way
Effectively applies a range of techniques relating toethos, logos and pathos.
Effective presentation visuals and clip
Well-chosen research (e.g. the suggested reading, newspaper/magazine articles, websites, online communities, fan content, you find -interpreted in an insightful way).


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