1. Based on our course content thus far, what has been the three greatest insights you have had in terms of cultural intelligence competencies needed for academic, professional, and community-based settings?
2. Re-Calculate Cultural Competence via Questionnaire. My score is 80. : Score  between 80 – 89: Proficient level of cultural competence.
3. Compared to your M1 results, what areas/competencies did you improve upon?
4. Compared to your M1 results, what areas/competencies still need improvement, if any (e.g. blind spots)?
5. How do you plan to continue developing/improving your cultural intercultural/CI competencies in order to be an effective cross-cultural leader? NOTE: research is required. Include minimum of 2 technology resources from the web/internet such as websites, blogs, online journals, associations, etc. Please include URL/weblink.
6. What is your personal vision statement/PVS as a CI leader (no more than 1-2 sentences)?
For inspiration: Personal Mission Statement of 5 Famous CEOs.(https://www.fastcompany.com/3026791/personal-mission-statements-of-5-famous-ceos-and-why-you-should-write-one-too )

To answer questions 2 and 3, here are results from M1:
  In this review of my cultural intelligence, I managed an overall score of 78 out of 100. The evaluation considered factors such as the curiosity to understand other cultures, the implication of cultural values on perception, readiness to consider others’ input, the ability to control emotions, and empathy among many. After the evaluation, I noticed that my greatest strength was my curiosity to understand other peoples culture. Having travelled a lot with my family, I was intrigued by how the lives of different people contrasted with ours. With such curiosity, I will understand better what works well for consumers in a hotel and satisfy their needs effectively. Unfortunately, my greatest weakness has been bouncing back from embarrassing and uncomfortable situations when engaging people from different cultures. This weakness has to do with my empathy for other human beings, in cases where I offend someone, though unintentionally, the emotions have always haunted me for long. This effect is a weakness as I might lose consumers as a hotel manager if I fail to bounce back charmingly. Regardless, the revelation was an honest perception of my core competence in hospitality.


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