Goal: The goal of this discussion is to evaluate how music from other parts of the world has impacted music in Latin America.

Course Objective(s): CO-1, CO-2, CO-3

at least 250 words.


To what extent does this weeks music reflect pre-Columbian, European, or African musical traits? Be sure to use specific musical examples from this weeks listening and scholarly sources to support your ideas. (The weekly listening examples are in Weekly Content section > Week 7 Required Listening.)

Required listening this week includes:
World Music CD 3 -#5 Jamaica: Reggae – “Torchbearer”
World Music CD 3 – #6 Trinidad: Calypso – “Money is King”
World Music CD 3 – #4 Haiti: Vodou ritual – Excerpts from “Bosou Djo Eya”
World Music CD 3 – #7 Trinidad: Steel Band – “Jump Up”

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