Hopefully drafting your mini-paper gave you some ideas for how you can begin to expand on how your insights are relevant to your chosen field. Your assignment this week is to expound on your thoughts from your mini-paper. By now you should be used to writing and explaining yourself thoroughly. Remember, the reader (no matter if its the instructor or an outside audience) may know nothing about your field!

The requirements for the draft of your Problem/Leadership section are listed below.

Thoroughly explain the field that you currently work in, or that you wish to enter into.
Who benefits from the work conducted in this field?
How does this field impact the local, national, or global community?
What is your role/do you hope your role to be in this field?
What is the problem in your field that you have identified?
What is the impact of that problem?
What caused this problem?
Why is this problem important to solve?
How can your insights help solve this problem?
Write three separate paragraphs explaining how you will use each insight to solve this problem.
Write a final paragraph that summarizes the previous paragraphs and concludes this section.
Your Draft of the Problem section should be between 1,500-2,000 words.


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