Students choose a publicly traded firm listed on NYSE or NASDAQ, for financial analysis. Students provide a detail financial analysis for a potential investor and make a recommendation to “Buy” or “Not Buy to the customer. The students may consult with instructor before they finalize their company for the project. They should set their own boundaries of its discussion in paper. But, here are some points that should be included:
    Table of contents
    Brief history and development of the company: when it started, how it has grown
    Description of current status through SWOT analysis:
Internal Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses pertaining to size and growth, recent performance, financial statement analysis including ratio analysis, organization structure and managerial leadership, core business, services/products offered. Students are encouraged to use graphs, charts, tables to illustrate the financial status and relevant financial history of the company.
    External Analysis of Opportunities and Threats including market analysis: general trend, competitors, external influences including regulations and the effect of the regulations on the company, and global issues.
    Equity valuation: overpriced, underpriced, or fairly priced.


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