In this assignment, you will apply what you learned from the disaster you chose to focus on to a new situation. You will write a letter of 1,000-1,200 words to a real-life person who could have acted differently and, in doing so, may have reduced the harm your chosen disaster wrought. You should date your letter sometime prior to the crisis event when enough information was available to make a better choice and when it was still possible to avert or mitigate the crisis.

Your final submission should take the form of a letter. It should clearly identify the recipient and their role in the disaster and should provide a warning for them. One way to set up the body of the letter would be to organize it this way:

1. You identify yourself as a concerned citizen with expertise on the topic of X kind of disasters.

2. You identify why you predict a disaster may be looming in this situation.

3. You suggest ways that this stakeholder could enact change to prevent disaster.

4. You predict the consequences of failing to heed your advice.

There are other ways to organize this letter that would also work. The point is to make available what we know now to the stakeholders of back then.

Your letter will include in-text APA parenthetical citations to at least four sources listed in the bibliography you submitted in Module 5. Include the bibliographic citations for your four cited sources on the last page of your letter; they should be the only thing that appears on this page.

Must clearly define the risk, the potential consequences, the stakeholder(s), and the possibilities to avoid disaster. They will be written clearly and with precise language. They will include ample historical detail and reference relevant sociological information. They will include at least four references to thoughtfully chosen peer-reviewed journal articles, artfully incorporated into the letter and properly cited in the text and in a bibliography. They will be free from grammar and spelling errors.


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