Essay 1 Paper Prompt: How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You?


In this unit, we have explored various stereotypes found in popular culture. Remember, popular culture is material intended for mass consumption and exists in the mainstream. A stereotype is a widely held image that is fixed and allows for little individuality among its groups members. Write a paper exploring the way popular culture portrays a specific cultural stereotype (negative or positive) and the effects of that stereotype on you and those around you (i.e. you should have personally experienced/witnessed the effects). To do so, you must first find a specific example of that stereotype in a piece of popular culture and analyze it to provide your reader a deeper understanding of the way it exists in the mainstream today. Then you must provide a targeted, focused exploration of a few of the effects of that stereotype on the lives of actual people, on you.

You should not include research or consult outside sources. You are demonstrating your analysis skills and ability to thoughtfully reflect on your experiences.

Important: Remember, you should not spend time arguing that the stereotype is harmful or that the stereotype is not true. We, as a class, already know that stereotypes are limiting and that they do not accurately define and represent individual people. Your job is to analyze and write an organized, clear essay!

Length: 1000-1250 words (include word count at end of paper)


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