Chapter 8 Experiential Exercise –
Read the Grayson County Regional Health Center (GCRHC) case on pages 230-231.
You have been hired as a consultant to the GCRHC and requested to make
recommendations to address the nursing shortage. Chronic and worsening healthcare
workforce shortages are likely in the foreseeable future. The objective of this project is
for others to learn about how hospitals and other healthcare organizations are coping with healthcare workers shortages.
Ignore the information in the text that is published in the sections marked Exercise and
Project and instead follow the outline below.
Summarize your recommendations in a 2-3 page paper.

GHRC Outline:
1. Address the methods will you use to identify the most important reasons for the
current shortage.
2. What are the most important reasons for the current shortage?
3. Develop short-term strategies to cope with the current crisis.
4. Suggest long-term strategies to improve overall recruitment and retention.


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