In a well-written essay of five paragraphs, explain how both direct and indirect characterization help to emphasize or heighten the conflict in narrative writing.  Examine three characters from different works of literature as listed below.  Quote at least twice in each body paragraph, making sure that you have three SPECIFIC supporting details minimum in each body paragraph.

Choose three of these characters:

Babur from Babur-nama
Satyabati or Govinda from The Artist
Soma from Such Perfection
Fujio or Kiyoko from The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket
The father or daughter from The Explosion in the Parlor
Malik or his wife from Facing the Light
Ah Bah or one of his parents from Ah Bahs Money

In your conclusion, broaden your observations to the larger world of ideas — in this case, consider the artistic idea that both kinds of characterization are necessary in order for the conflict to have the right amount of impact.


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