You have to write a summary for EACH below.

– Nationalism
–  Our America by Jos Mart
– Education and the Mexican Revolution Octavio Paz
– Mestizo Pride Gilberto Freyre
– Plan for the Realization of Bolvars Supreme Dream Augusto Sandino
– The Shark and the Sardines Juan Jos Arvalo
– Carmen Miranda and Brasilidade Darin J. Davis
– Populism
– The Peronist Political Vision Daniel James
– Doa Mara Remembers Pern Mara Roldn
– The First Ladys Peronist Feminism Eva Pern
– Women and Action
– Father of the Poor? Robert M. Levine
– Cardenismo and Womens Organizing Jocelyn Olcott
– Trujillo, the Benefactor Lauren Derby
– The Cold War
–  Statements of U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrine Presidents James Monroe, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harry Truman
– The Lesser of Two Evils David F. Schmitz

Each summary should be ONE sentence with 50 words. So it is intended to be a very long sentence that sort of forces you to connect the ideas of the reading.


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