Conduct research to apply to leadership scenarios.
Apply leadership situations and required to answer and clearly demonstrate which concept is relevant to the given case scenario.

This week, based upon the Maxwell and Greene readings, cases will be presented that will apply to the concepts in the textbooks.

As you conduct your case research, consider the following:
Is this a Greene law or Maxwell chapter?
The answers will only come from chapters we have covered the last two weeks:
Maxwell chapters: 6-8, 10
Greene laws: 5, 11, 25, 37, 43, 47

What Greene law or Maxwell concept can be applied for the scenario, the answer will need to explain both which law or concept applies to the scenario and why it applies.
Give a story from the books for the chapters or laws you choose that is similar to the scenario.
Choose 4 of the 5 cases to answer.
Use only the readings based upon the Greene laws or Maxwell chapters from weeks 3 and 4.
6. Choose only one Greene law or Maxwell trait per answer!


Download the second case research document.

Please complete this test in a Word document to be loaded to FSO before the submission deadline.

Make sure you put your name as the file name (e.g. case2steveadkins.docx).



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