Levels of Care Paper

Purpose: To afford the student an opportunity to learn about one health care options available to individuals no longer able to function fully independently in the community.
            * Each student will write a paper explaining the various levels of care available to the elderly in the community and in institutions. Levels of care to include should at minimum:
                * independent at home
                * Home with non-professional help
                * Home with therapy and/or assistance by a healthcare professional
                * Assisted living facility
                * Rehabilitation care (home and institutional)
                * Custodial care
                * Skilled nursing care facilities. 
Describe the level of assistance provided and include an estimate of the cost and admissions criteria.

The paper may be presented in a table format or paragraph format following APA guidelines. 

You may obtain information from agencies, specific facilities, or reputable websites. I highly suggest also that you research guidelines and information available from professional nursing organizations.


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