Discuss Wollstonecrafts views regarding reason and virtue and how they are best cultivated in human beings.  Given these views, why is the system of gender role socialization of her time so pernicious?  How, per Wollstonecraft, should this system be changed, and how would this benefit  both the acquisition of knowledge and the progress of society?

RUBRIC(most follow):
You should follow the standard procedures for writing a coherent essay: you should have a thesis statement, points that develop your thesis, and conclusions. If you want guidance, the instructors would be happy to talk with you about your essay.  The University also has a writing center that can assist you.

Try to answer the question, and to develop a persuasive argument in answer to the question. In doing so, please do make specific reference to the text(s) that you are discussing.  For example, saying, “Machiavelli thinks that human beings are basically evil” may be correct, but saying “In the Discourses, Book I, chapter 3, Machiavelli asserts that all human beings are basically evil when he states that ‘all men are bad and ever ready to display their vicious nature’ (Machiavelli 1984 [1531], 117)” is more accurate. The reference may also be made via footnotes; the point is that I want you to offer not merely your impressions of an author’s intent, but your substantiated argument regarding the authors intent. This is not intended to exclude speculation but rather to indicate that it should be informed speculation.


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