You and your friends are sitting around on a Zoom call when one says:
  I just saw this movie called Arrival, have you seen it?

You respond,
  Oh yeah! We saw it the other day! Its great, did you know its based on a novella? Our mentor made us read that too. That whole Sapir-Whorf thing was so wild huh?

Your friend says,
  The whole what now? Wasnt it just a movie about how the aliens zapped that lady and made her see into the future?

How would you respond to this? You think to yourself, in order to explain this I need to do the following:

a) Define the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in your own words (1 sentences)
b) Explain the difference between written and spoken language for the humans and the heptapods (3-5 sentences)
c) Explain using both the novella and the movie what actually happened to Louise and her ability to see into the future (2-3 sentences)

Novella vs. movie resources:

1. http://lucyvhayauthor.com/book-versus-film-story-of-your-life-aka-arrival/
2. see ‘Story of Your Life’ attached.

*Please use other resources that you can find.


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