Congratulations on reaching the final stages of your job application, to be a Research Analyst at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!
Since Bill founded Microsoft and created the software that impacted so many lives in both the personal and professional sphere, the foundation has tackled a wide range of challenges, aiming to improve life around the world in a number of important areas including work, health, education, and wellbeing.
At this point, we would like to assess your research skills. You are to submit a one- to two-page paper addressing each of the topics listed below. For each topic, cite research providing an example of the impact on you, your community, or society caused by each of the following:
1.    Use of computing in your personal life
2.    Use of computers to automate industries and retail businesses
3.    Use of computers to assist people with disabilities in their daily life
4.    Use of the internet for easy access to information
5.    General examples of positive impacts of computing technology
6.    General examples of negative impacts of computing technology
You should have a total of six examples, one in each category, using at least five websites or other information sources. Each example needs to only be a short paragraph or two, and you should cite the source of your information for each example. Be sure to use reliable sources such as those provided by governments, established businesses, or well-known news organizations. Books and magazine articles may also be good sources.


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