This Information is concerning personality psychology. This written assignment will allow you to apply practical concepts learned from combined with concepts learned from. You may also incorporate relevant peer-reviewed journal articles to help provide support for your selected response.
Given that social media is a huge part of daily life with nearly 70% of adults using some type of social media platform, one can only wonder if there are any personality factors that influence social media use.

Part-A  Based on your knowledge of the major personality theories, what personality factors and/or traits are associated with individuals social media use?  Be sure to select at least one (1) of the following theoretical perspectives of personality when forming your response below:

Trait perspective
Motive perspective
Genetics, evolution, biological processes, and personality perspective
Psychoanalytic perspective
Psychosocial perspective
Learning perspective
Self-actualization perspective
Self-determination perspective
Cognitive perspective
Self-regulation perspective

Part-B  Discuss how those personality factors identified in Question 1 influence how and why people use social media.


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