Students will write three (3) thoughtful reactions to a prior weeks assignment(s). This is the third and last one.

Each response must be no longer than three pages double-spaced (no more than 750 words), using a Word format; PDF or other submissions will not receive feedback as they are not easily edited. Use these writing assignments to meditate on the readings and viewings, to critique, agree, question or take issues with the authors arguments and explorations.

Writing assignments must be succinct discussions of the major themes and points of the assignment, avoiding regurgitation and repetition. They will utilize standard citation and reference guidelines. Please use Chicago Manual of Style:, https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html.


Please write a thoughtful reaction in which you pinpoint at least one (1) point of connection  and one (1) point of disconnection between the following three (3) items:
1) Stuart Hall, Negotiating Caribbean Identities
2) Ibram Kendis Ethnicity
3) Joanna Dee Das Chapter 2: Finding a Politics of Diaspora in the Caribbean

In short, youre being asked to consider: on a certain point or theme, how are the three learning materials in dialogue? On another point/theme, how are they in tension or disagreement?

If this mode of learning is uncharted terrain for some students, I recommend that you consider at least three (3) of the following approaches:

(1) a selection of brief, relevant or memorable quotations from the texts;
(2) a detailed explication of the main arguments, points of information or themes the author presents;
(3) one or two provocative concepts the texts introduce to the reader and why you feel these concepts are significant;
(4) a synopsis of what you feel the text contribute to the courses main themes;
(5) Questions or challenges you would present to the author of the text based on the content and form of the work.


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