Please if you are going rush dont place a BID. Question for Discussion Forum Five

In the year 2021, are the responsibilities of the presidency and executive branch too large a job for one person?
Are there any constitutional powers you believe should be expanded or taken away from the president?
Answer the weekly question posted in the corresponding forum. Your answer must contain at least one cited academic source that has not been previously used in any of the postings for the week. All citations must be in proper formateither Chicago Manuel of Style, MLA or APA format.

The following sources are not acceptableSparknotes, CliffNotes, ballotpedia, dictionary, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Scholastic, any source that is not an academic approved website; and any source geared to K-12. Please see the Library Tab, Click on the Help Tab for a variety of informational tools to determine reputable sources as well as how to properly use citations.


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