Please review the attached files and follow instructions. One must be completed in Excel and the other in Word. Research is required to identify data. Please have it completed by april 18.
Analysis of CISCO System corp.
Data collection (In Microsoft Excel)
Parameters: 1995 to current
Table 1- list yearly acquisitions and calculate average
Number of acquisitions by year growth ratio from year to year mean acquisition per year total acquisitions and average
Table 2- develop forecast ratio (graph required)
List net sales from 1995 to current
Randomization for growth
Normal distribution inverse
Develop a formula to describe growth ratio and graph it
Table 3- attrition rate cost analysis
Retention cost of employees (average salary salary increase and bonuses)
Amount of employees employee growth rate average turn-over rate
Optimization and decision making (In Microsoft Word)
Write 3-4 paragraphs about the results from data listed in the three tables. Include the formula for the growth ratio and other important figures to describe the importance of the data.

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