Assignment 6 Activitiesa.) Develop and implement the solutions defined in second assignments.b.) Update the Project Management with current activities.Assignment 6 DeliverablesFor the final submission we will require the following sections:Attach the following documentation section to the document developed in Assignment 3. Both sections are to be submitted but only the last section will be evaluated.Additional documentation approximate length 12 pagesDetailed description of the Implemented SolutionUML diagrams with new functionalityUML Use Case Diagrams for new functionalityUML Sequence Diagrams with new functionalityDescription and walk through with screen shots of the implemented solutionDocumentation if missing or unimplemented featuresPackage up the project (zip format preferable) files and submit it as part of the assignments.15 Minute Power point Presentation of the Project with voice-over the screen captures showing the application working. For this please use the voice over capability in the counterpoint. Capture the working screens of your application and present them in the power point slides.web site is on duke book store

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