1. Briefly describe the demographics for your interviewees and how they were different.2.
Briefly describe how your interviewees responded to the questions. Did
they enjoy the interview? Were they more than willing to answer
questions and offer their viewpoints or were they anxious to get it
over with?3. If you personally know the parents to what extent do
you think their answers correspond to how they are raising their
children? Does it seem that what they say (or write) matches how they
behave as parents? If you do not personally know the parents did you
notice any inconsistencies in the way they responded to questions in the
interview?4. What similarities or differences were there in how
the two parents responded? If the answers were different what about
the two parents might explain this? Consider social class gender
number of children personality and so forth.5. Imagine yourself
as a parent and consider how your answers to these questions might
differ from those you collected. Do you think your responses would match
those of your parents? Or do you think your own parenting philosophy
would be very different from theirs? Example of the final parent interview paper
Parent Interview Paper
Due 30 Oct at the beginning of classMust be at least 800 words.The
paper grade will be based largely on completeness and clarity (this
includes using proper grammar punctuation and spelling).

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