You will complete a reflective essay that addresses one of the following scenarios.Read this resource from the KU Writing Center on how to write a reflective essay.https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/WritingTypesAndTools/WritingAReflectiveEssay.aspxAs a basis for your essay make at least one calculation that illustrates the scenario that you choose. If you choose you can make more than one calculation.In your reflective essay you will address various questions/issues so begin by choosing one of the scenarios and reading through list of questions and taking notes on what you come up with.Now that you have thought through these questions and taken notes it s time for you to draft your reflective essay. Every piece of writing should have an introduction body and conclusion. A good way to plan this particular reflective essay is to write an introduction to the essay. Next write at least three body paragraphs.If you use outside sources for this essay they need to be cited in proper APA format. You can find numerous APA resources in the KU Writing Center Writing Reference Library on the Research Citation and Plagiarism page. https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/ResearchCitationAndPlagiarism/Index.aspxYour essay should include a highly developed purpose and viewpoint; it should also be written in Standard American English and demonstrate exceptional content organization style and grammar and mechanics. There should be no evidence of plagiarism. If you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism please review the KU plagiarism policy.https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/ResearchCitationAndPlagiarism/KaplanUniversitysPlagiarismPolicy.aspx

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