In a round-robin singles pool tournament each of six competitors plays each other once. The results of the tournament are shown in the following table.Player DefeatedCarla Rob Sara Orlando MattRob Tanya Orlando MattTanya Carla Sara MattSara Rob MattOrlando Tanya SaraMatt OrlandoUse a directed graph similar to the one shown below to model this situation and determine a ranking order for the players using one- and two-stage dominance.ChartThere is a graph i need to submit for reference if you decide to take this problem.Submit your graph along with a table with the total of the 1 and 2-stage dominance wins and the ranking of the players. Additionally provide a few sentences describing the strategy you used to solve the problem.Your image of the graph can be hand drawn and scanned in photographed or drawn in using Word drawing tools for example using the Shapes feature. However your final submission should be submitted in Word or PDF form.

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