1. The total amount of tax you pay divided by your total income is the (Points : 1)marginal tax rate.average tax rate.total tax rate.proportional tax rate.2. Marginal damage cost is the (Points : 1)additional harm done by increasing the level of an externality-producing activity by one unit.additional cost to society resulting from a privately owned firm producing one more unit of a product.amount a consumer pays to produce an additional unit of a good.additional cost to society resulting from a consumer consuming one more unit of a good.3. The best measurement of individual well-being is (Points : 1)wealth.income.occupation.utility.4. Economic income is (Points : 1)the amount of money a household can spend during a given time period without increasing or decreasing its net assets.income from the ownership of real property and financial holdings.differences in wages that result from differences in working conditions.payments by government to people who do not currently supply goods or services in exchange.

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