1. Among the advanced technologies used to study the brain s structure and functions which one provides detailed three-dimensional images of the brain s structures and activities?A. ElectroencephalogramB. Positron emission tomographyC. Functional magnetic resonance imagingD. Transcranial magnetic stimulation2. I study a sample of 100 high school students and find that student IQ scores increase significantly as the level of reported parental income increases. I can conclude from this thatA. there s a negative relationship between parental income and children s IQ scores.B. students get smarter when their parents earn more money.C. there s a positive correlation between parental income and children s IQ scores.D. higher parental income causes an increase in children s IQ scores.3. Regarding the trichromatic theory of color vision which statement is most accurate?A. The theory helps us understand why we see afterimages of different colors.B. The theory maintains that receptor cells are grouped in pairs such as black-white.C. Specialized cells in the retina engage in a process called feature detection.D. Specialized cells in the retina are sensitive to blue-violet green and yellow.4. You could locate receptor sites involved in transmitting a nerve impulse by finding theA. myelin.B. endorphins.C. synapse.D. neural regulators.

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