1. When faced with troubleshooting a complex industrial system a good troubleshooter knows toA. eliminate the distraction caused by having one or more operators present.B. begin by replacing all inexpensive parts directly related to the problem.C. mentally divide the system into logical sections.D. first confirm that the system truly doesn t work by running it.2. Using electrical meters to measure higher levels of voltage or amperage than their operating limits permit can destroy the meter and causeA. the readings to be up to 10 percent too high.B. damage to the component being tested.C. excess equipment downtime.D. injury to the user.3. While troubleshooting a circuit supplying a circulation pump the electrician encounters a tripped circuit breaker. The circuit breaker can be reset but _______ until all suspect components have been tested and all defects addressed.A. components shouldn t be removed from the systemB. power shouldn t be restored to the systemC. customers shouldn t be informed of the blown fuse or tripped circuit breakerD. a more experienced troubleshooter shouldn t be called4. Locating the faulty area requires the troubleshooter to have the ability to identify components as well as being able to ________ the system into functional zones that can be checked for proper operation.A. mechanically separateB. electrically disconnectC. physically isolateD. mentally divide

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