1. A troubleshooter is investigating a faulty lighting system in a store. After locating and identifying the components that may be responsible for the faulty system the next fundamental step she should follow isA. replace or repair the components.B. test the components.C. identify the problem.D. understand the system or equipment.2. _______ don t follow the fundamental steps of troubleshooting or the basic methods of approach.A. Logical troubleshootersB. Service techniciansC. Systematic approachesD. Parts changers3. An industrial system is rated at 600 V. The system includes a partially exposed terminal block that s mounted on a bulkhead. A new electrical apprentice who isn t considered to be qualified according to OSHA s standards approaches the energized block. The closest the apprentice should come to the block is _______ inches.A. 24B. 36C. 42D. 544. When testing for continuity the conductor being tested provides the _______ to close the circuit between the tester s two contact points.A. energyB. voltage dropC. return circuit pathD. battery power

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