Question 1 If a plaintiff proves that a disparate impact exists an organization may then defend its employment by showing validation or:A. business necessity.B. hiring records.C. process improvement plans.D. modified HRM procedures.Question 2 All of the following are examples of protected opposition EXCEPT:A. threatening to file a formal complaint alleging discrimination.B. refusing to obey an order because of a reasonable belief that it is discriminatory.C. complaining to others about alleged discrimination against oneself or others.D. threatening the physical well-being of a manager or coworker.Question 3 Protected __________ activities include filing a charge testifying assisting or participating in any manner in an investigation proceeding or hearing.A. discriminationB. protestC. participationD. legalQuestion 4 Generally an employer may fulfill its duty to prevent or remedy hostile work environment harassment by doing all of the following EXCEPT:A. developing an anti-harassment policy.B. promptly and thoroughly investigating harassment allegations.C. making the details of the case public.D. properly disciplining offenders.

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