1. Top executives of an organization truly view the top HR executive as contributing to the strategic success of the firm when they request the HR manager tostreamline the employee selection process.improve the implementation of performance appraisals for supervisors.evaluate potential merger candidates for organizational compatibility.select a vendor for outsourcing benefits administration.2. In order to ward off a complaint of discrimination every requirement for employment must bebenchmarked against industry best practices.approved by the EEOC.consistent with past practice in the company.directly job related for the position.3. The federal government s policy of ____________requires a covered employer to submit documentation of its attempts to narrow the gaps between the demographic composition of its workforce and the demographic composition of the labor markets from which it hires employees.preferential selectionaffirmative actionworkforce balancingdesegregation of the workplace4. Which of the following would be defined as retaliation under EEO laws?A hospital demotes a radiology technician who has complained about ethnic discrimination.An employer fires a supervisor who discriminates against a protected-class member.A dismissed employee files a false complaint of discrimination against his former employer with the EEOC.The EEOC targets an employer with a history of unlawful discrimination.

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