1. Factors that would be included in a SWOT analysis would include all of the following EXCEPTprojected inflation rate for the next year.potential changes in union organizing legislation.the proportion of the available workforce who will be under age 30.innovations in payroll processing technology.Unit labor cost is a measure ofproductivity.profitability.sustainability.efficacy.2.Henry an upper-level manager at a software design firm is talking informally with his co leagues over dinner. The idea of quotas makes me uncomfortable he says. I think that we should just treat everyone equally regardless of how people vary from one another. A person is a person. Henry is expressing the philosophy behindaffirmative action programs.quid pro quo theory of employment opportunity..the blind to differences approach.racist and sexist organizational practices.3. Which of the following would NOT be identified as a typical HR operational activity?government compliancesafety programscompensationpartnering with top executives4. IBM builds work teams partly based on individual employees social networks. IBM collects data on employee social networks byasking each employee to record his/her internal and external contacts in an HR database.examining call records and emails of employees.developing internal communication pathways called spider webs.requiring employees to give HR access to their personal social networking accounts.

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