Question 1 The determinations reached at a hearing conducted by an administrative agency:A. cannot be appealed through the regular court system.B. can be appealed through the alternative dispute resolution system.C. can be appealed through the regular court system.D. can be appealed only through in-house dispute resolution system.Question 2If the person accused of defamation had a special privilege in making the defamatory statement such as an attorney in a court proceedings who accuses a witness of lying the defamed person:A. cannot recover damages.B. can recover damages.C. can file a suit of defamation.D. can make defamatory statement against attorneyQuestion 3Frequently persons with knowledge of computers access the credit card numbers of consumers who have made purchases on the Internet and use these credit card numbers without authorization. This act constitutes the crime of:A. identity theft.B. credit card fraud.C. false pretense.D. credit card perjury.Question 4The tort of slander does NOT require a(n):A. indirect defamatory statement.B. direct defamatory statement.C. drawing picture or cartoon.D. direct attack.

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